Things are not always as they seem.

Did you know that not all Indian restaurants are Indian restaurants?

In fact, many do not prepare strictly ‘Indian’ food at all. That is because their chefs are from Bangladesh – not India. You may ask: ‘What’s the difference?’ While we don’t deny Bengali and Indian food have some similarities, the real difference is in the taste.

An Authentic Mix of Passion and Tradition

At Mumbai Brasserie we live and breathe traditional Indian cuisine. It is our passion. Our kitchen is where you will find authentic recipes being faithfully prepared by native Indian chefs. In our restaurant, you will discover a dining experience that is infused with a real taste of India. This is a place where tantalising, aromatic flavours, vibrant colours and attention to detail collide to take you on a journey of discovery and wonder.

Our interpretation of Indian cuisine comprises a careful blend of farm fresh ingredients and a range of specially-selected spices. Unlike some Bengali food, we rigorously balance aromas and flavours without overpowering classic Indian dishes. True to tradition, our Indian cooking is a melting pot of the subtle and the bold in equal measures.

In our brasserie, we mix innovation with a devotion to authentic cooking techniques. Our chefs demonstrate the difference for you to savour and delight in. From our signature dishes to appetisers and vegetarian meals, we invite you to indulge in everything from the delicate to the exquisite.

Welcome to Mumbai Brasserie – the real taste of India. Come in and see the difference.